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Careful…Somebody’s Watching You

I tell myself that if I study hard for 30-40 minutes straight, I get a break.  Like–go clean out the closet.  Or better yet, surf on over to Pinterest and feed my pindiction!

This pin caught my eye this week.  (And I know you can see it, my 13 fans, because I’m quite sure you’re all on Pinterest, because you’re cool like that.)  It made me chuckle a little, especially this past week when I gave a talk on entrepreneurship and also made a brief appearance over at the IIB (thanks to Team Gerry et al for dragging me out of my bar exam/work/repeat hole I’ve been down since January 1st.)

I connected with some new potential friends, and reconnected with a few from my past.  My point?  I wasn’t really expecting any of them to show up.  But they did.

I also saw a few of my friends really struggling out there this week.  Roadblocks, obstacles, general administrative malaise, you name it.  We all have our struggles du jour – mine just happens to be remembering what the differences are between Summary Judgment and Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings under the Indiana Trial Rules right now.

My point?  My friends, stay strong.  You never know when someone is watching and needs the energy. They need to see you struggle through it, so they in turn know THEY can get through whatever their roadblocks are at the moment.  Stay fierce.  Keep moving forward.  And remember: someone out there’s watching.  You just never know quite when…

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