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Law School Detox

Nothing better than spending a Valentine’s Day morning at a bar prep class…which is what I did this morning.  I had to see where the bar exam will be administered in two weeks (…is it really that close? It is.)

Anyway, I saw a few chums from law school, and one I almost didn’t recognize, because she’s lost so much weight since school.  I seriously thought she looked GREAT.  I asked her what her secret was…and she basically said she detoxed from law school.  She had gained 40 pounds during law school!

(While, I don’t think I’ve gained quite that much, I’ve definitely expanded myself.)

I just googled to see if law school shortens one’s life.  I have to believe there’s a study out there of occupations and whether they add to or shorten a life span…surely?  Anyway, my hypothesis is that law school shortens it.  It can age you.  It has aged me (and let’s face it, no one really signs up to eagerly accelerate the aging process).

In about 2 weeks, I’m hoping this bar exam insanity is behind me, so I can really focus on me again.  Like–exercise.  Like–eating better.  Like–just having some fun.

With that, I’m back to studying fiduciary duties…right. Now.

p.s. Happy Valentine’s Day – especially to the single cats!

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