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Missed Ya!

Hi Fab 13:

Did you miss me?  I missed you!

Of course, in going through the fiery inferno that is the bar exam, I missed normalcy for the past 2 months and the last 2 days were (hopefully) the last stage.

Today has been the first day of my new life – yay!  But I’m still a little tired. Going through a 2 day bar exam is kind of like going on a roundtrip flight to and from Beijing in about 4 days – there’s an element of barlag I’m still experiencing.

In the meantime, I’ll get my groove on soon.  One of the things on the docket is a spring cleaning of  Of course, if you have suggestions on how I can make it more awesome, I’m all ears.

I’ve also tried to get my writing mojo back on – wrote a piece for my friends over at SheTaxi that’s coming soon.  In the interim, check them out.

And, allegedly, my grill will be featured in an upcoming national magazine…but sshhhh…I’m just sharing that with you.  It’s not totally official just yet.

Last, I now have exactly ZERO clue on what the rest of 2013 holds for me.  But I cannot WAIT to see how it turns out!  I’ve been so focused on work and school since the new year, I’m pumped I get the rest of the year as an orchard ripe with possibilities.  (And yes, it’s sunny at 72 degrees here too.  Clear, blue skies…)

And to all my law school chums that endured the last 2 months with me to cram for the bar – congrats on being finished.  Hey–in fact, I’ll even let you in to my orchard of possibilities!  (But you might want to bring your sunglasses – because your future is so bright… : )

THANKS for your patience with me, my loyal 13 fans! MWAH!

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