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The #2 29 Hour Work Week

Tim Ferris has his acclaimed 4 hour work week.

Good for him.

For the rest of us, we’ve been indoctrinated that there’s actually only one 40 hour work week.  You know the one – where you work for one employer, and get that gold watch at the end of 30 years.  Some employees have actually lived this.

Well, good for them.

I’m here to declare that I think we’re headed toward two 29 hour work weeks.

Good for us…?

I don’t know.  But I can tell you that in boardrooms across America right now, at this very moment, employers are trying to figure out how to NOT cover employees for healthcare, which is completely the OPPOSITE of what the Affordable Care Act’s intent was (or at least my idea of what I thought it was about – universal coverage).  I don’t blame them, either.  Why SHOULD they have to write blank checks for their employees, when the employees themselves have zero personal accountability for their own healthcare?

So, why two 29 hour work weeks?

Because, under 30 hours a week for an employee equals no healthcare coverage required by employers.  But, because we’re all used to the 40 hour work week, we, if now given one 29 hour a week job, will go seek out another 29 hour a week job to fill the financial coffers of that 40 hour work week job we were used to.

Thus, we’re all going to be working 58 hours a week…in two part time jobs.

Good for us?

I’ll let you decide.

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