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Higher Ed, Spamalot, and Pharmacy Law

This week has been…wild.

First, I attended The New York Times Schools for Tomorrow summit in the NYC (NYC in and of itself is always a trip).  But, I learned a lot about MOOCs, where they are headed, and in general where higher education is headed.  Friends, I’m a little concerned about the future.  Not only is higher education getting more and more expensive, but the affordability of higher education is just one problem of many.  I’ll let you watch the sessions, which should appear in the link above and you can make the call on where you think higher ed is headed.

Second, my blog got pounded yet again with spam – so I apologize, but the site was down for a bit this week in order for janitorial services to occur on the blog.  Cleanup has occurred on aisle 8.

Third, I’m giving a case law update talk tomorrow in 30 minutes.  I’m a little worried that I’m going to have to talk fast to get 3 cases out in 30 minutes or less, so send some good karma my way if you can.

Next, I’ll state that I’m a little bothered by one television newscast locally really hammering a pharmacy chain on dispensing controlled substances–this is the second time (posted yesterday on their faceplace page) that they seem to really causing some consternation for pharmacists just doing their jobs.

For those of you non-pharmacy geeks out there, I will share that pharmacists are legally required to check out the legitimacy of ALL (not some) but ALL controlled substance prescriptions – it’s called the corresponding responsibility doctrine, and it’s codified at 21 CFR §1306.04(a).  This. Is. Law.

Last, to end on a happy note, I’m officially off and running on my children’s book with an illustrator as of today.  Next up, I get to figure out the funding part…stay tuned, I’ll have more!

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