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The #STEMPrincess Project: The International Road Trip for Backers Only!

First off, we are 53% funded with T minus 15 days and counting – THANK YOU to all the magnificent backers out there who have not only supported financially, but also given me encouraging email and connections relevant to girls, STEM and Indiana. I am appreciative!

Second, it’s time to mix it up a little.  Next week for the #STEMPrincess Project, 3 words:

International. Road. Trip!

BUT – there’s a catch – if you want to see where we’re headed and watch the action, you MUST be a #STEMPrincess Backer.  Backers will be the only people sharing the international road trip with us.

If you’ve been waiting to jump in on backing this project, and you love to travel – now is the time to join us!  Cheers!

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