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What’s Your Love Style?

One of the things I hammer my students on across pretty much all of the classes I teach is to “know thyself.” I didn’t originate that quote. A philosopher did (they’re all such smarties!).

Anyway, being trapped in Hoth on Earth all week thanks to the Polar Vortex, I decided to maximize the time and take a couple more quizzes on myself, because I like to walk the talk with my students. So…I took’s work style quiz a couple of weeks ago, and thought tonight I’d flip the coin and test out my love style, just in time for Valentine’s Day–my favorite. (Insert dark sarcasm here.)

So, according to the Five Love Languages Quiz (and companion book), I value most: 1. Writing and 2. Time in my personal relationships. Not really that surprising, considering what a book geek I am and, I also try and remind myself that time is the one thing we never get back, so maximize it whenever you can.

What’s your love style? Take the quiz and find out…just in time for February…if you’re waiting for the great defrost.

Happy weekend!

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