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Back Cover Coverage

I realize that I’ve been a bit of a slacker when it comes to blog posts–and that’s happened (or not happened) for several reasons:

1. Spring semester at the day job starts next week, and I’m teaching 3 classes.  (Entrepreneurship being one of them, which I haven’t taught in awhile, and I’m extra excited about);

2. I’m trying to pump not one, but two books into the world right now.  The last time I juggled production of two books at the same time, I ended up gravely ill.  Trying to avoid overdoing it this time and learning from my previous mistakes.

But, I’m happy to report that the two new books are chugging along nicely.  In looking at all things–cover art–for the two new books, I asked over at the Faceplace the other night the following:

What, if anything, do you want or expect not from the front cover of a physical book, but the back cover?

This is an interesting question, because eBooks have pretty much reduced the back cover to nothing on eReaders.  However, I still prefer physical books, and so do many of my friends.  So, does the back cover language or layout “sell” the book in a physical bookstore anymore for anyone?

To me, the back cover should have a summary of the book.  I personally don’t want a bunch of celebrity quotes on it.  Whereas, after I asked the Faceplace question, some people actually want quotes from people to whom they respect talking about or endorsing the book.

The other thing that’s changed over the past couple of years is the offline or online activity AROUND a book project.  Stuff like–pre-book crowdfunding, or pre to post-book social media portals for those interested in the book.  For example, a Facebook or LinkedIn group for the book so people can follow the story online even further than the 4 corners of the book.  How does one figure this out?  (For example, on one of my two new books, I emailed Pinterest to see if I could use their icon, since they have no policy on printing their icon online that I could find.)  They haven’t gotten back to me, yet. I’m not going to wait, either.

See?  I really have been working hard to put more cool book stuff into the universe.  But, the book and publishing industries are changing so fast that it’s really, really hard to keep up with them all.

What I’ll leave you with is the thoughts around your own book reading and buying habits these days. Are you an ebook fan, or do you still like paper books, like me?  Do you read the back cover?  If so, what do you want to see on that back cover that will seal the deal for you?  What do you expect from an ebook vs. a book-book, and how are they the same or different?

These are the things that have occupied a bit of my gray matter…if they occupy yours and you have thoughts on this you’d like to share, please email them to me.  I’m curious…


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