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5 Random Things I’m Thinking About Right Now

1. I think I may be headed toward the protagonist, Emma, in the book, P.O. Box Love.  She’s just a few years older than me. Relating to her on sooooo many levels…(although, I’m just a few pages into the book).  If she’s into infidelity – she will immediately be removed from any comparative list in my head.

2. I asked my friends over at the Faceplace tonight if they know any women rappers.  Stay tuned on this one–the idea is a little crazy (but, then again, you’ve come to know and expect this from me…hahaha!).

3. Why are my favorite people New Yorkers?  Most of my favorite New Yorkers don’t even live in New York anymore, but something about their tenacious spirit really is something I’m very drawn to, for some reason.  Why?  I don’t know.  But I dig it!

4. Class begins for the spring semester for me tomorrow.  Entrepreneurship is the class – prepped today by watching the TOMS video for teachers on social good and entrepreneurship.  LOVE the people on the video – including Blake himself, Tony Hsieh, and so many other amazing social ‘treps.

5. I heard from not one, but five amazing friends today in other parts of the world.  It’s amazing how good you can feel when talking to an old friend–as though you just spoke with them yesterday, (but technically didn’t) and are picking up the same conversation, just in one incredibly long strand.

That’s all I’ve got right now.

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