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10 Things I Dig

I’ve been a complete and utter failure on the old blog this week.  But I really have been working. Hard.

I’ve been editing the two new books.  Nothing like waiting for the book (or two) to roll in, go home from the day job, print it out, then go through it with a fine toothed comb on the treadmill, again, and again, and again…over and over, until I’m just totally over it.

But, being over a book while in editing is a good thing.  It means the end is near! Yay!

Second, I’ve been drilling on a new writing thing for work this weekend too, which has completely bottle necked my last two brain cells from functioning for the evening.

So, in an effort to write a blog post about something fun, I’ll just go ahead, get my Julie Andrews on, and give you 10 of my favorite things right now.  Ready?

1. Books (particularly the ones I don’t have to edit, and as I was telling a friend recently, need to go to the Library of Congress to look up a few of my own books there, but I’ve never visited)
2. Glitter (even pink glitter, believe it or not)
3. Scarves (because they cover up my neck, mainly – it’s an Ephron thing…and I dig a man that can pull off the scarf too…)
4. Sunny and 72 degrees (which, I’m beginning to think I may never see again – ever)
5. Bellini room spray (honestly, I love real Bellinis, but they’re really a summer drink – so I bought some room spray to PRETEND it is sunny and 72 degrees poolside, with my Bellini in hand – it’s a stretch. Besides, “Oceanside” sent would just put me over the edge…)
6. Green, hairy lawns (which, I’m beginning to think I may never see again – ever.  Then I’m reminded of my old house, the Ladybug Chalet, where the green grass and the English gardens just popped up different stuff all spring and summer long…sigh…)
7. Fleece lined tights (whoever invented these was just straight up brill – however, after I washed them the first time, they pilled quite a bit – can someone work on the concept without pilling in the washer?)
8. Chloe  (actually, for Christmas I bought myself a Sephora women’s perfume sampler, to try a bunch of different fragrances, then you get to order your favorite of the samples – my favorite thus far of the bunch is Chloe – something about how it reminds me of my grandmother’s perfumes….  Not to mention, there’s a princess Chloe in one of the new books, and she’s fierce!)
9. People who can make something from absolutely nothing  (This is kind of some of the work I’ve been doing lately, and I even shared this advice with one of my students this month: it is a far, far easier thing to check out and not care what you’re passionate about and just live life through the motions, with whatever floats your way, than instead to do the really, really hard work to create something you’re passionate about from nothing.  MUCH harder work. EXHAUSTINGLY hard.)
10. Spring (see, 4, 5, 6 above for the explanation)

That is all.  Carry on, my fellow Hothians.  (And if you’re not living on Hoth right now – I hope you have the guest room ready for me!)

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