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Friends, Romans, New Pharmacists and STEM Princesses…

…I bring you good tidings of great joy!

BOTH final book galleys – for The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM, and my new book on pharmacy – are DONE.  I have officially signed off on BOTH galleys!

Nothing like this feeling for a writer after a very long month of editing!!!!

HUGE shout out to all who helped with both books – peeps like Pam Fraizer (illustrator of STEM Princess), everyone who helped out on the Kickstarter campaign and getting the books into public libraries.  Thanks as well to those who worked on 46 Doses – the cover was illustrated by BoldThink.  Last but not least, thanks to Mascot Books, who is the publisher of BOTH books, and both are first hardcover titles for me!

I will be celebrating this weekend.  Stay warm, and stay tuned – new books will be rolling out soon!

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