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Boonsboro  So, this weekend, I escaped to WVA, VA and MD.  Specifically, I stayed in Nora Roberts’s B&B, The Inn at Boonsboro.  As one of my friends put it, we like to support fellow writers.

But, in this weekend getaway, I also visited Antietam and surrounding places to learn a little more about our history as a country – which, as you know, isn’t all warm and fuzzy.  However, I also found a few surprises along the way this weekend, which are the following:

1. Small towns are in some cases – alive and well.  Boonsboro isn’t a large city; however, it’s booming.  There were tons of people around, and the Inn I believe was at capacity.  I like to see that small towns are still thriving in this super-hyper-linked crazy era we live in.

2. Writers support other writers.  Nora’s husband owns the bookstore across the street from the Inn.  The room of her books was truly prolific; however, that didn’t impress me as much as her table of OTHER authors’ signed books for sale.  I dug that she and he support other writerNoras.

3. In order to understand the future, we have to study the past.  We visited two national parks in the area, one with another monument to Washington.  It had a walking path up to the monument, along with historical points along the way of Washington’s life.  To study great future leaders, we have to understand great leaders from the past.  And as much as I prefer the future to the past, I know I need to keep reading and learning about history, in order to not repeat the bad stuff, and re-do the good stuff.

4. Heed the advice of the locals.  Josh was our waiter the first night at the restaurant in town, and he gave us advice on all the spots to see.  We did all of them, and were glad we did.  Pay attention to what the locals say – they don’t mislead.


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