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One Weird Week

This week has been strange.  We’ve lost Ed, Farrah, and the King of Pop…three American icons.  Also, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal on MSL work (relative to my first book), and strangest of all–I was asked a law question that I think I actually answered correctly. (Don’t worry, it was just from a colleague – wouldn’t want to be practicing anything without a license!)

It goes to show that time is one thing we all just don’t have enough of…whether you are Michael Jackson, a Charlie’s Angel, or giving away $10M, the end result is the same, because we all have limited time on this earth.  The interesting question is–what are you going to do with your finite amount of time? Better yet, how can we max that time out to its fullest?  What are YOU going to be the American Icon of? What will be YOUR legacy?  (And don’t worry, I don’t have the answer to this one either, yet.  But it is fun to ponder!!!)

Have a fantastic weekend!

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