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Snap, Crackle…Pop?

Parents of “Pop”, a 2+ year old in Sweden, are trying an interesting social experiment.  They won’t tell anyone what the gender of “Pop” is.  Of course, there is much speculation as to whether or not the child will be scarred–emotionally or psychologically damaged over time.

I actually think it is a pretty cool idea,  simply because Pop currently has no limits.  Pop can wear a dress, or pants, or throw a fit, cry, or play with any toy without any worries about whether or not it is the ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ toy. Why should kids have to continue the stereotypes in this day and age?  if Pop wants to play with a Hot Wheel vs. a Barbie doll (or vice versa), ROCK IT OUT, I say!

The last thing a child should ever have to wear are stereotypical limits.  Granted, kids need things like manners, respect for adults, and to learn how to be kind and well-behaved, which last time I checked really didn’t have gender restrictions when learning.  But kids also need to know and be encouraged that anything is possible in this life – with some imagination, hard work, and time.  Right now, Pop can’t be told that s/he has limits based solely upon historical gender stereotypes.  Pop can be a future president, CEO, house parent, or whatever s/he can imagine!  Again…pretty cool.

My prediction?  That Pop will rock!

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