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Infobesity, Antifragility, and the Way to Grandma’s House

While it appears that I’ve been lack on my blog posts this past 30+ days, I’ve actually been writing my dupa off with homework and projects over at altMBA.  My project page is here if you want to verify I’ve been shipping…really, I have been.

I also started writing again for Pharmacy Times, and turned in a piece for this fall today.  I’m also working on a 3rd piece for their print edition on pharmacy Game Changers.  More on that later.

Some random thoughts that are floating through my head tonight…

1. Infobesity - one of my new friends, Stacey Howe-Lott, used this term in her homework video over at altMBA this weekend.  I love the term, but unfortunately don’t love the TMI-ness of it.  She argues that our society is actually suffering from TMI or infobesity in the Google/internet era, and argues for change in teaching of curation, ‘less being more,’ and editing. I really like that idea.

2. Antifragility – Now that podcasts are retro chic, and I have a car in which I can actually play them through my stereo via my phone, I was listening to James Altucher’s podcast with Brett McKay, founder of The Art of Manliness.  In their chat, they mentioned the book Antifragile: Things that Gain from Disorder by Nassim Taleb.  In it, the author argues that some things are actually better when they are tested or stressed.  Example: our bones and muscles.  You have to work them out to make them stronger. I think our minds are like this too.

That’s kind of what altMBA did for my mind–it pushed and stretched it, even stressed it out a bit (and if you don’t view an online class as stressful, just try doing a 3 minute video of yourself staring straight into a camera, talking nonstop about something in which you’re passionate.  That’s stress.)

3. The Way to Grandma’s house – I was at the bookstore the other day, and now I’m in this nasty habit of taking pictures of books I want to read, then ordering them from the library when I get home after checking them out at the bookstore (terrible, I know!)  Anyway, a shiny silver book cover caught my eye, The Power of Being Yourself by Joe Plumeri (yes, that cover really is silver – yet another reason why Kindle books just aren’t as good).  I’m just starting to dig into this shiny covered book, but one section talks about leadership…and describing the way to grandma’s house.  When you’re taking others on a long journey, and when they start to get squirmy and lose site of the vision, you start telling true stories about the benefits of staying on that journey.  When the squirmy kiddos start asking, “Are we there yet?” on the way to grandma’s house, you start talking about all the benefits upon arrival – like fresh cookies, candy, and other treats grandmas are notorious for stuffing the grandkids with…this keeps their eye on the prize.

We all need to do a better job with these 3 items above – myself included.  I need to edit – less can be more.  I need to work out my body and my brain to make them both stronger.  And we all, when we start doubting ourselves, need to remember the cookies at the end of the trip awaiting us upon our arrivals.

Three small steps with three big potential results.


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