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The Girls are Waiting…

TabithatheTheoreticalPhysicistSTEMPrincessNow that I’m re-entering the real world post altMBA, I took one of those things called a “vacation” day yesterday to road trip to Louisville.  I try to make it down there at least one time each year.  And, summer is flying by – scarily.  I don’t regret being part of inaugural class of altMBA at all; however, it did throw a bit of a crimp in my summer schedule.

So, that means I’ve not been working on #STEMPrincess2.  In order to commit to shipping, because the girls are waiting, I’m going to stay off of this channel and stop posting at the blog until this book is done.  I WILL get it done before school comes back on line for the fall semester, which is August 24th.  That’s how serious I am about this being priority #1 right now.

You all can hold me accountable on this.  I have pre-orders with sad empty envelopes, and the girls are waiting.  We’re still not getting the girls at parity when it comes to STEM ed; in fact, it’s getting worse.  Thus, my work here is not done.

Hopefully, I’ll be back soon.  Until then, you can follow the STEM Princess Facebook page, where we always update with bits of info and resources for girls in STEM.  I’m also speaking at NACW National Conference on Girls and STEM next week.

Until I’m back – let’s keep it educated out there, peeps!

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