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Reason # 5,462 Why We Need More Women in STEM

I was chatting with a design/arty friend of mine yesterday (she’s awesome), and somehow, we landed on the subject of wellness wearables.

“Do you wear or did you wear a wellness wearable?” she asked me.  Of course, I replied that I have a Fitbit flex, but it’s sitting in my jewelry box because it’s hard to charge without me sitting on top of it the entire time.

She replied, “Yeah, I used to wear a Nike FUEL band, but it really p*ssed me off, it was so ugly – so I stopped wearing it!”

She brings up a very good point.  And a point that I think deserves to go under the bucket of needing more women in STEM.  Although I don’t know it officially for a fact, but my guess is that all the original fitness wearables were NOT designed by women, because they are all pretty ugly.

There have been some add ons that make some of them prettier – Tory Burch, for example has a fitbit flex band that looks more like jewelry.  However, I digress.

My point?  We need more women in STEM.


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