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The #STEMPrincess2X Campaign

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 1.26.00 PMSo, getting near the end of writing #STEMPrincess2.  But, I’m racking my brain on trying to figure out how to get it to a broader audience–especially this afternoon as I was powerwashing the driveway. (Don’t ask…)

While I was washing, I was thinking about…biology…and chromosomes. Then I thought, girl.

XX. 2X.

Here we go. I’m announcing the #STEMPrincess2X Campaign, right here. Right now.  Here’s the countdown clock!

Currently in the coffers, we only have budget for #500 copies of #STEMPrincess2 from the publisher.  However, I really would prefer to order #1000 copies instead, for several reasons.  First, anyone who has ever published knows that it is cheaper per book the more you print. Second, this puppy is coming out around the holidaze, and thus, demand will be high for it.  Also last but certainly not least, I WANT MORE GIRLS TO ENGAGE IN STEM, and more copies of this book in the ether = higher likelihood of more girls engaging in STEM careers.

Furthermore, I’m skipping the crowdfunding mess.  If you attended the panel discussion we had up in Fishers earlier this year, you already know why.  Suffice it to say, ain’t nobody got time for that. I’d rather spend time on THE BOOK and selling STEM, rather than making the founders of Kickstarter and Amazon more money. (No offense to either company, but this isn’t about them, it’s about the girls.)

Thus, the campaign of #STEMPrincess2X, which is this:

If I get pre-orders between NOW and October 15, 2015 at or above #500 copies, I will print 1000 copies.  And, everyone who pre-bought books will get 2X on their orders.  That is, if you pre-order 1 copy before October 15, and I reach my goal of 500 copies pre sold by 10/15/15, you will get 2 copies.*

However, if I don’t have pre-orders for #500 copies by October 15, no go.

Some people already pre-ordered. (Thank you, btw!)  This will also apply to those who already pre-ordered #STEMP2 from me….you’re safe!

So, chop chop, peeps.  I’m going to back to writing now. BUT – if you can help me get #500 books presold, it’s going to be a 2X holiday season for all of us.  Here’s the link to pre-order.

You now have the awesome ability to help girls (and boys) engage in STEM, right here, right now.

Will you accept the challenge?


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