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3 Updates for Pharmacy, Healthcare, Life Science and STEM Folk

Despite another stream of technical difficulties today, here are three updated documents for the healthcare, STEM, Life Science and Pharmacy-kind—in order to share them with you, and to make me feel like I’ve accomplished something today!

1. Girls, Women and STEM – an update.  More data on STEM – are we getting better when it comes to women?  In some cases, yes, albeit very very slow.  In other cases, we’re actually moving backward:

Girls Women and STEM: An Update – September 2015 from Erin L. Albert, MBA, PharmD, JD
2. Pharmacy meetings in 2015/16 – I added a few per others’ suggestions.  It’s really helpful to have all the meetings in one place so I can figure out which to attend.
3. Pharmacist/Healthcare Professional Certifications – again, added some other certifications from others and/or randomly found. (And added Princess Piper, the pharmacist/physician STEM Princess – spreadsheets should be a little more fun!)

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