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To the Bold and Daring…

Dear Network,

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of you (yes, you, the really cool, interesting people of my network, always doing fabulous things), are making some pretty radical changes in your life.  You are selling your houses.  You are quitting your jobs.  And, you’ve either decided to travel the world for a period of time until you settle again, ‘retiring’ early, or chucking the U.S. and moving to a remote tropical island, or a foreign country, or all of the above.

To you I say, awesome.  Really – good for you!  I admire that quality in you, as I’m not really in a place in the tenure of life right now to do that myself.  But, I will eagerly await your updates, and watch how it goes for you…maybe even live a little vicariously through you right now, if you don’t mind.

To the bold and daring…I salute you!


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