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Last night, I watched the debate.  I geek out on that kind of stuff.  (Not to mention, it’s kind of our obligation as decent citizens to get informed on who we should vote for as the best candidate as leader of the free world.)

Anyway, Carly really wiped the floor with most of the male candidates last night–and she stunningly did it with eloquence.  Good for her.  But, as I was tweeting my own commentary on the evening, I was noticing that other women were commenting that Carly should be “smiling” more.  Furthermore, I never saw one tweet saying that any of the men on stage needed to smile more.

Can you say “double standard”?

Look friends, with $19T in debt in the country, an epic, broken immigration system, ISIS beheading innocent people, healthcare eating nearly 20% of our GDP and Social Security dwindling by the second, does Carly (or do any of the candidates, for that matter) really have anything to smile about?  I want the next leader of the free world to care less about her or his fake smile and care more about solving these defcon-1 level problems our country is facing. Pronto.

So, my message here is to all of us – to make sure to check our double standards.  Women in politics have always been double-scruitinized (and yes, I know this to be a fact after training at Women’s Campaign School at Yale, and candidly one of the many reasons why I have not yet stepped up to run myself…yet).  Let’s be extra careful not to put a lower bar on the male candidates and a nit-picky super-sacchrine high bar on the ladies. This goes for Hillary too.  (Although smiling vs. potentially breaking laws are completely different items…which I won’t go into here.)

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