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Getting the Puppets Out

One of my friends – let’s call him e north, always says one of my favorite phrases on the planet…”get the puppets out”.  That means someone’s about to ‘xplain something.  So, here is my homage to getting the puppets out, which I reviewed with a new friend I met today:  getting the puppets out via the match needs cover letter.

What is a match needs cover letter, you ask?  Simple.  When you are applying for a job and sending along a cover letter with your resume or CV, you create a match needs cover letter based upon the specific position you are applying for. Here’s how to do it (AKA getting the puppets out):

1. Take the specific job description and underline all skills/tasks/requirements separately.
2.  Do your intro to the cover letter.  On the left side, create a column and call it “Your Requirements”
3.  List out IN ORDER as it appears in the job description, each and nearly every skill/task/or requirement on the left side under the “Your Requirements” column.  Go crazy and use bullets if you like.
4.  Now, on the right side of the page, create a second column and call it “My Qualifications”
5.  Under the “My Qualifications” column, you literally match your skills/tasks/requirements up to those that you laid out on the left column, directly from the job description.
6.  By no means should you lie, but what skills do you have?  Boil it down and keep it to phrases.

My friends, this is “getting the puppets out” at its finest.  Why?  Because you are going to make the HR person’s day by providing this cover letter.  You are literally laying out the check box of stuff they are seeking with your own skills and talents, making it SUPER EASY for the person screening to see that you are QUALIFIED for the job at hand.  While this technique might not get you the job, it may make getting an interview easier.  When there are 450-500 other resumes on the pile for one position, guess who is going to the top of the pile?

Yup – the one who got the puppets out!!!!

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