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Just for the Fab 14: #6OnSaturday

I have 13 14 fans. (I upped it one after I saw responses from my boss me around campaign.  Thanks again if you gave me some food for thought there.)

The Fab 14 are awesome. And fabulous.

And since they’ve been my loyal cheerleaders and fans since this tiny blog started, I’ve decided to give them my best stuff exclusively moving forward.

On random Saturdays, I’ll be inboxing the #Fab14 a new little ditty I’m calling #6OnSaturday.  It shall be henceforth 6 little gems or nuggets of the best stuff I see on the net, stuff I’ve been pondering, or new projects I’m working on – BEFORE THE REST OF THE UNIVERSE GETS IT.

So, if you want to be #15, you might want to put your email address in the box over <- there and sign up.

First official #6onSaturday drops tomorrow.

XOX, my Fab 14!

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