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Loving my Haters…and My Friends

Ya gotta love the haters.  One of them recently posted that one of my Pharmacy Podcasts sounded like an “infomercial.”

Friends, let me tell you–I took that one personally, because I work my *$$ off to bring the very best content I can to the podcast in order to help pharmacists get their biggest, best careers on.

Thankfully, I also have amazing friends.  One of my friends also helped me out on the podcast.  Pete the Planner was the guest on episode 1 of the 5 part mini series, The 5 Roads out of Retail Pharmacy at the podcast.  He discussed the first road out of retail – managing your money.

We all have hangups about money.  And, most of us also like to spend it.  But because Pete is cool as he is, he passed along a deal and discount for fans of this blog and fans of the Pharmacy Podcast below, which is on his new class about – making YOU a millionaire.

That may sound “infomercial”-like, but it’s really not.  Just like I want to help pharmacists find their best careers, Pete genuinely wants to help people achieve financial independence.

So, I’m going to give you the discount code and 411 to his upcoming live class below, beginning Sept 6.  And hey – when you do achieve millionaire status, DON’T FORGET THE LITTLE PEOPLE!!!  Especially…THE HATERS.


Pete the Planner says you have to be a millionaire. No, really.  It’s just math.

Hoping to be a millionaire doesn’t exactly work. Because hope is a bad financial planning strategy.

Don’t believe in hope. Believe in math. Math tells us most people can become a millionaire. Reality tells us that hope is why most people don’t.

The Million Dollar Plan shows you exactly how to become a millionaire, and more importantly, exactly how to remain a millionaire. It it NOT a get rich quick scheme or a scam, it’s simply a long term plan.

Pete’s 4 week LIVE training course starts September 6th. Signup at use coupon code: PHARM for $100 off the course.


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