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The 5 Roads out (and in) of Retail Pharmacy: An Update

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.51.12 AMEPIC love on the 5 roads out of retail pharmacy miniseries we’ve been cooking up for our pharmacy friends over at the pharmacy podcast.

It’s been AWESOME putting together an all-star line up of professionals to help my pharmacists out there live their best career lives.

If you didn’t hear the episodes, here they are:

Part 1 – Pete the Planner, on Money  - and don’t forget Pete’s deal just for you, starting Sept 6!
Part 2 – Hazel Walker, on Networking
Part 3 – Tony Guerra, on how he worked the other 3 points in the article to his ideal gig
Part 4 – Yours truly, I’ll talk about the very humbling experience of going over to pharma post retail, then my hops back to retail & where I’m going to turn the tables and put the Fellow on as a co-host!
Part 5 – We answer ALL questions from the audience with a recap show – if you have questions, please tweet them to @ErinLAlbert or @pharmacypodcast, or both.  (You can PM me too if you don’t want the world to know your question.)

On part 4, I’m going to park my show notes and career path here for it – because it’s a bit complicated.

And yes, since it feels kind of bad to encourage some to leave retail pharmacy, I’m also committed to creating the NEXT miniseries on….5 Roads in to LOVING Your Retail Pharmacy Career!  Right now, I have the shell of the parts I want to discuss in an article, a few of the people I’d like to interview on this in mind, but we still need a sponsor for this mini series.  If you’re interested in sponsoring it, let me know.


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