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Access to 4 Lists: 2017 & Info Putting YOU Ahead

screen-shot-2016-11-04-at-7-11-59-amHappy Friday, all!

I’ve been thinking about how to get my tribe ahead of the pack, and in 2017 I want to do this for my fab 13 fans and followers of this blog.

So, here’s what’s up for 2017.

The subscribers to this blog (and ONLY the subscribers to this blog) will have access to the following documents:

The Know Thyself Kit
The 2017 Pharmacy National Meeting Calendar
The Women’s Leadership Programs Grid
Pharmacist and Healthcare Certifications

So, if you like to be ahead of the pack (and who doesn’t)? go over to the left side of this page, and put <-your email address in the “sign up for my mailing list” box and go through 2 step verification.  That’s all you have to do, and in my random emails to you over the coming year, you’ll have access to these 4 spreadsheets as an added bonus.

Power to my people!


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