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More on Getting Your $#!T Together in 2017: Review 2016

tagul-erin-albert-dec-2016Ok, people, please bear with me.  But I do honestly want to help each and every one of my fab 14 fans out and prepare all of us for the new year coming.

My post below didn’t have all the tips on how I went about writing my goals for the coming year. I wanted to back up and write down a few more, so I remember for next year, and to help you all out now if by chance you haven’t written all your goals down yet for 2017. (And you do, right? I don’t have to drag out all that hypothetical and real data that says if you write down your goals you’re much more likely to achieve them, right? I know you’re way smarter than that! ;)

So…a couple of other suggestions from the peanut gallery on how to have a kickin’ rockstarin 2017 involves….going back.

Did you review what you did this year in 2016?  You need to start there.  Here are a couple of suggestions on how to go about this process:

1. Start with your 2016 goals – How many did you achieve?  I looked at mine, and I achieved about 75% of them for 2016.  This isn’t bad.  On one hand, a lot of radical change happened in my life in 2016.  On the other hand, I don’t usually want to achieve 100% of my goals every year, simply because if I don’t have some super lofty stretch goals in there, then I’m not going big enough for the year.  My point: see what % or ratio of goals you actually accomplished THIS year FIRST.

2. Do a couple of word clouds – I think it’s important to understand what words you have around Y-O-U before you can advance.  So, take your most recent documents – your CV and/or resume, your blog, and your LinkedIn profile, and literally copy and paste all that text into any word cloud you want. (Here’s a list of 9 different word clouds.)  One of mine is above from 2016.

What do you see? Is it reflective of the work you did this year?  And, is it reflective of WHERE YOU WANT TO GO in 2017?  What words do you want bigger? What words do you want to get rid of?  This is the weeding and fostering process you want to go through BEFORE you write your goals for 2017.

3. Use the books: Your Best Year 2017 and Designing Your Life to reflect on ’16.  Both of these books have some tools to reflect on 2016 historically, and TODAY.  Use them.  One item I failed at in the past was moving on too quickly from my current state into the next whatever without reflecting much on what worked and what didn’t for TODAY.  These books are explained more in my other post.

4. Also in Designing Your Life – take the 5 year tests – There are 3 5-year tests in the book. I’m not going to spoil the fun here, but make sure after you get clarity on 2016, you know where you want to be 5 years from now, so you can reverse engineer your 2017.

5. Chunk down your goals into big buckets – This coming year, I have work, education, other freelance work, health, money, travel, and other as categories. Use what big categories work for you – they may be slightly different.

Ok, NOW you may write your 2017 goals.  It’s really important (and like I said before, something I’ve failed at in the past) to reflect on what I really did currently and in the current year before moving on to next.  As a future-focused gal, that’s always been my challenge.

Don’t be me…

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