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Informatics for Healthcare Pros

If I learned anything at HIMSS17, it’s that informatics is coming to healthcare – big time.

Blockchain, AI, virtual reality, interoperability between systems, apps, the cloud–you name it. It’s already most likely being used in healthcare somewhere.

Taking advantage of being around the wise ones at HIMSS, I went ahead and was lucky enough to get one of them for the Pharmacy Podcast. Dr. Charles Safran has an app out for families to better manage their parents’ medications and care.  Yes, we discussed InfoSAGE.

But, the more interesting part of this conversation was on career development in informatics for healthcare professionals.  Dr. Safran is a medical doc, but there are pharmacists, nurses, lab techs, and pretty much every other player in healthcare now with paws on the technology and informatics that’s here and coming in the future of health.

Listen in on this – and if you’ve been considering a way to differentiate yourself as a healthcare pro, look at informatics.  After all, it’s the future…

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