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Introducing…the Waverly Water Stewardship Badge from the #STEMPrincess Series!

waverlybadge3EXCITED! Today is the day the first ever students on planet Earth will be receiving the first of its kind, the Waverly Water Stewardship Badge tonight at the Brownie troop for Hamilton County Indiana!  Thanks to Tammy, the Troop Leader and Kristin, supermom and epiphany gal around the water stewardship concepts this year for the Brownie troop.

Here’s some ideas if YOU want to be a water steward of planet Earth and earn the Waverly badge:

1. Get a group together – maybe it’s Girl Scouts, a church youth group, Boy Scouts, a meet up – whatever.

2. Read the story of Waverly and the STEM Princesses, here.

3. If you want to focus on water, here are some ideas for your group to explore during the year:

-Visit an actual wastewater treatment plant. See what we actually do to our water, and how the treatment plants recycle it.
-Visit your water public utility and understand water tables/water sheds in your area, and how water moves throughout your state. It’s actually fascinating, and I learned a lot when I visited Citizens Water in Indianapolis. There are people who do what Waverly does each and every day in your own water utility as water stewardship super heroines and heroes!
-Clean up a natural area that has water–and/or organize a bigger group to volunteer and clean up an area with water. Maybe you can work on a park with a stream, river, or pond. Trash around any naturally occurring water can pollute it, so it’s important to keep natural water NATURAL!

Other ideas:

Project Wet
Sustainability Projects on Pinterest or here on Pinterest
See if your state has a water stewardship program for kids, like Michigan or California.
Learn about a body of water near you – in Indiana’s case, Lake Michigan.

The Hamilton County Indiana Brownie troop did projects around water throughout the year.

4. At the end, share what you learned along the way with others.

5. Grab your badge. The only place you can get Waverly is right here.  If you have a whole posse of peeps to buy for, feel free to reach out to my peeps and we can work out a bulk discount.

6. Most of all, share what you did – inspire others to make sure our water stays clean.

And to the Hamilton County Brownies – CONGRATULATIONS for your accomplishment, and wear Waverly with pride – she’s excited to be part of your uniform!

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