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Selected Pharmacy Podcast Episodes on Career Development & More!

This is about to be a long post, but I wanted to put, in one place, some of the Pharmacy Podcast Shows for the fab 14, AND for your listening pleasure! And I moved it up, since it was starting to get buried in the blog.

If you’re a pharmacist or leader in healthcare, IT, pharmacy practice and/or elsewhere, the following episodes will be of benefit to you.  And to all the guests during the year on the podcast, a SINCERE THANKS for helping us reach over 67,000 listeners and for sharing the pharmacy healthcare love!

How Does DEA Set Quotas on CIs and CIIs?

SXSW / HIMSS 2018 Recap

More on our Inaugural APPE Rotation in Digital Communication, Entrepreneurship & Leadership 

Design + Pharmacy, Part 1: Pharmacy Design Discussion with Fiona Sartoretto Verna 

Entrepreneurial You: A Chat with Author Dorie Clark

Ensuring Gender Equality And Removing Unconscious Bias While Hiring: Kieran Canisius of

Immigration Issues for Foreign-Born Pharmacy Students and Hiring Managers

Social Media: ASCP

The First and Annual Women’s Leadership in Pharmacy Panel at #RBC2017 from Cardinal Health

NABP and the .pharmacy Initiative: Deterring Rogue Online #FakePharmacies

Breaking Into the Pharmaceutical Industry: PharmDs – A Chat on the BCMAS Certification

A Chat with Co-Founder of GoodRx, Doug Hirsch

Part 3 of our Conversation with Former DEA – Joseph T. Rannazzisi

DEA Part 2: Our Chat with Joseph T. Rannazzisi, cont.

For the Class of 2017: Congratulations!

Manbassadors: Sponsors for Women in Healthcare

57 Cool Jobs for Pharmacists

SXSW 2017 – A Recap

InfoSAGE: Healthcare Informatics Leader Dr. Charles Safran

HIMSS 17 Post Show

HIMSS 17 Pre Show

A Valentine for Women, Gender Parity and Leadership in Healthcare:

The Future of Work in Pharmacy & Healthcare Part I – With Special Guest, Jacob Morgan:

The Future of Pharmacy Work – Part II

7 Steps to a Super 2017:

“Men”toring Women – Why it is critical for Men to Mentor Women

Merry Midyear – 4 part miniseries coming to the podcast with Dr. Lauren Steinbach hi-jacking the mic:

The American Society for Pharmacy Law – an Intro with Aaron Moore:

Pharmacy as a Third Space – Tisane Pharmacy (NYC):

Disruptive Women in HIT – Mandi Bishop:

How to get more Leadership in Pharmacy – Alan Spies:

BU Well: A Student-Driven Multimedia Publication – Anne Leighty:

Feeling the Burn…Out – How to manage burnout in pharmacy:

Maximizing Medical and Pharmacy Meetings – Kristin Eilenberg of Lodestone Insights:

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