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#BackToSchoolRx: A New Miniseries on Graduate School at Pharmacy Podcast

Pharmacists, healthcare professionals, and all professionals: have you ever fantasized about what it would be like to go back to school after your first professional degree?

The Pharmacy Podcast Network will be exploring vicariously different add on career and educational degrees for pharmacists this fall! After 37,000 views of this post on LinkedIn, we know this is a very interesting topic for pharmacists. We’re designating the official hashtag to this Back to School Miniseries as: #BackToSchoolRx.

#BackToSchoolRx: A Miniseries on returning to school for professionals:

We’ll be exploring the add ons of: business, informatics, the culinary arts, and even PhD programs. We’ll also talk about the money part for grad school, and wrap it up with what you can do with an add on degree in terms of career development off the beaten path for pharmacists.

Personally, it’s been an honor to bring this miniseries to life, and we’re excited at the PPN to bring it to our 66,000 listeners this fall!

We hope you can tune in at, over at iTunes and at Stitcher. As we roll out the series, I’ll be posting links to the episodes here as well. To our current and upcoming guests for this series, THANK YOU for all that you do for our community at large. We have the blessing of living vicariously through your experiences!


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