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Missing the #Mixtape

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 9.06.23 PMAfter watching Outlander episode 306 an embarrassing number of times today, I hopped over to Showtime and caught High Fidelity. As a child of generation X, I love this movie for four reasons:

1. John and Joan Cusack together – it reminds me of my own life – working with my brother as a sibling, and we’re all from the Midwest. The Cusacks are from Chicago, me and bro grew up not far away in South Bend.  Joan’s character is usually right vs. John’s, and so is Erin in real life vs. bro, etc. (I’m certain my brother would refute. But he can argue on his own blog. Wait. He doesn’t have one. So I win!) I love the Cusacks together in Grosse Point Blank too with their sister Ann.

I digress.

2. The record store – we did this in college, with Tracks. Just hang out and hunt for obscure bands and imports. West 38th Street, Indy. Always fun to do after finals.

3. The top 5 lists – a practical way to order chaos in one’s life.

4. The mix tape – Last, and maybe most poignant for this evening’s post/discussion. Raise your digital hand if you ever received a mix tape, or better yet made one for someone else. These little plastic cartridges of heaven were sheer art forms ahead of their time.

Today, someone creates a playlist on Spotify. But it’s just not the same. Less instant gratification, because you had to carefully craft the tape.  There is and was an art to the curation, order, and most of all message one wanted to send another in creating the mix tape.

I need to hunt mine down. They’re buried in the Erin Albert basement archives. I miss my mix tapes.

In the meantime, dig out your own, and see if you can find a way to play it.

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