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2 Mini Life Hacks

Yes, using the term “lifehacking” may be cheesy. But, here are two lifehacks I use to expand time.

1. My work uniform hack - I think I’ve written about this before – but I have my own work uniform. It consists of Rafaella Black pants (best fitting, hands down, Oprah was right), black T shirts (short sleeved in summer, long in winter) and several copies of the same black jacket that I wear to work (I won’t reveal my black jacket source – I don’t want the price to go up!) Pretty much every day. It saves my time AND decision making super powers, because I do believe that we only get so much decision making power in reserve, and we need to save it for things that matter. To me, I don’t want to think about coordinating a work outfit that is different every day. For variety, I switch up the color of scarf I wear. That’s it. I don’t go crazy.

2. My airplane notes hack – Everyone always wants to know how I manage to write hand written thank yous. Well, 1. I love it. and 2. I try to find the time when otherwise not available. So, plane rides are a GREAT way to knock out thank you notes. Just take a wad of them, with stamps, and start writing. When you get to the other side, address them and give them to the hotel to mail. Voila! A lighter load on the way home, a concentrated bit of time to write thoughtful notes while everyone else is watching crappy airplane TV.  (Sleeping might also be a great choice on planes, but I don’t sleep well on planes–so there’s that.)

The older I get, the more I realize that it’s the little things that make a HUGE difference.

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