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My Favorite Things…Right Now

This week was rough. Not gonna lie. So, when it gets tough, I just start Julie Andrews-ing it up. In here.

Here are a few of my favorite things…right now. (And no, no one is paying me for any endorsements here.)

1. I recently stayed at Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale. It was quirky and had its charms. One of my favorite charms of all was the Red Flower bath products – and specifically, icelandic moonflower.

2. Sparkles the Unicorn Shea-infused socks. Say that fast 3 times. Skip that and just buy a pair.

3. Prague – the one international destination I had on my goals list for this year that did not. Happen. Of course, Scotland did happen, and I’m grateful for it, with a bonus trip to Amsterdam.

4. Leonardo da Vinci – Walter Issacson – Until, of course I see how thick his books are when I get them at the library. Then I think, how might I ever get through it all? Then I think: how did HE ever write and edit it all? Then I fan girl and try my best to get through it. This is what will happen when my book shows up from the hold list.

5. 2018 – Got myself a new calendar today to plan ahead, and masterminding with the fabulous Dorie Clark as a super duper treat for myself in New York later in November. I am SO EXCITED for it and the possibilities in 2018!

…and then I don’t feel–so. Bad.


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