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APPE in Digital Communication, Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 3.18.47 PMRight now, I’m waiting for a video to upload to YouTube about the aforementioned rotation we’ll be offering for the 2018-19 academic year for pharmacy students. For those of you who might be outside of pharmacy – APPE = Advance Pharmacy Practice Experience.  Students in pharmacy are required to go on several of these APPEs before graduating.

This video is also taking over an hour to upload, but it’s a 23 minute video.

I have a lot of patience, dear internet, because I lived in the era of dial up. Of pong. Of geocities. Of Pac man and table top games. Of real telephones, and of real TV antennae.

All I can say about the rotation at this point is: I wish someone would have offered this type of rotation to me when I was in pharmacy school. Both times. That, and I’ve been a pretty vocal critic of pharmacy schools of late. So, rather than standing around complaining, I decided do something about it, pitch in and help fix what I think is broken in pharmacy schools right now.

More to come here.

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