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Falling off the Bandwagon

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 7.48.32 PMOr is it just falling off of the wagon when you slow your roll on your New Year’s Resolutions?

That’s me, when it is coming to this blog. But, fear not, I’m back.

My resolution (that I’m slipping on) – I’m trying to blog every day – at least for the month of January. I’m trying to be consistent on posting on at least one channel each month this year.

Everyone is telling me I need to go video next month. That requires several more things than me and my keyboard – like video set up, a face that doesn’t look like it’s been through the war all day (and trust me when I say that I have a face for radio), and oh, yeah. Things to talk about on camera. Can I really talk that much that many days in a row on camera?

So…if I can figure all that out – which channel should I go video on for the month of February? (And thankfully, it’s a shorter month.):

-Facebook live stream?
-YouTube (live stream?)
-Instagram stories?
-Anchor video?
-Snapchat won’t be an option here – since I still don’t get it.

Too. Many. Choices.


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