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8 Ways to Work Together in 2018

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 1.55.37 PMAs we all plot and plan our 2018s, I wanted to reach out and update a list of ways that we can work together in 2018. Not only because I like to be organized, but after mind mapping the best hits of my 2017, I realized that collaborations in ’17 were some of my favorite things, and I therefore want to expand this mojo into ’18 and beyond. Here’s a list of some of my tribes and work.

(And thanks, BTW, to name just a few of my collaborators in 2017: Valita Fredland on big data and privacy, Dr. David Borst on mentoring women, Todd Eury on the Pharmacy Podcast Network, George Zorich on his Pharmacy Entrepreneurs book, and of course, our former fellow Dr. Lauren Steinbach during her fellowship wrap up. In addition, orgs that I partnered with, thanks: Wharton Reimagine Education Awards, Indy Big Data, HIMSS, SXSW, ASPL, Cardinal Health, and HBA Indiana.)

So, here’s how I can play in the sandbox with the universe:

1. Pharming Your Career Podcast - Pharmacy Podcast Network – Here’s a sampling of my past two years’ work as a podcast co-host, but moving forward in 2018, I’ll have my very own channel on the network to focus on the following domains:

  • a. career development in pharmacy/healthcare,
  • b. innovation/entrepreneurship,
  • c. HIT and informatics,
  • d. STEM
  • e. women’s issues (like gender parity in healthcare leadership) and
  • f. more.

We are working on our rate card for mid roll sponsorships, one episode, miniseries, and at meetings and conventions for 2018 – hit me up if you’d like to learn more and reference “Pharming Your Career.”

If you’re a pharmacy major or a practicing pharmacist and want to learn more about new media and podcasting, of course you can apply to this.

2. Books - So, my next massive book launch is Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later. This book will be out 1Q18, and is available for presale now at a sig discount. Also, I’d LOVE to share the stories of the incredible women in this book in media (podcasts, TV, radio, and any other channels), and started to share some of their massive value bombs online in quotes digitally. If you run a podcast or show that works with entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs or supports singletons, let’s talk – I’d love to share more with you and your tribes! (#STEMPrincess4 will be coming, but later in the year.)

3. Sponsored written targeted info – We’ve got a pretty massive following at the pharmacy podcast (67K listeners and counting) – but in addition, I’ve got about 75K in my personal rolodex too – and those tribes are segregated between entrepreneurs, pharmacists, healthcare executives and others in STEM. I’ll also be writing for Pharmacy Times/Pharmacy Careers again next year, so if there’s a career development topic you’d like addressed, – just say the word!

4. Online Classes – One of my goals in 2018 is to start a school online. And now, I’m glad to report that before the 1Q18 is up, I now offer 4 classes online in the realms of:

In two of the four classes, I include one on one time–so after you complete a course, we can chat about your unique situation and career goals.

5. One on one – As much as I’d love to work with everyone one on one who hits me up as a coach, I just can’t do it any more for free. So, I went ahead and put some blocks of time rates on my website store – I’m always happy to provide insights when people are ready to acknowledge that coaching takes time – our most precious and finite asset. I even dropped in a 15-minute option this year for those who just have that “quick” one question brain picking need. As a student, I pay big bucks for advice from coaches and experts, and they’ve coached me to stop giving the goodies away for free. (Oh, and I’ll be doing mentoring sessions one on one at SXSW 2018 too. I hope to see you there!)

6. Speaking gigs – Unfortunately, I’ve had to turn down a couple of these already, because they didn’t fit into the topic buckets I’m focused on for 1Q18 thus far, but the topics I DO like and want to discuss are:

  • single women entrepreneurs,
  • big data and privacy,
  • podcasting,
  • STEM education and
  • social media.

If you’re shopping for a speaker in these arenas, let’s talk.

7. On demand Trackers – Bringing back the trackers for pharmacy meetings, women’s leadership programs, healthcare certifications, The Know Thyself Kit, and Who’s At the Helm of US Healthcare in 2018. Of course, they’re randomly available for free to my newsletter subscribers (you can sign up here), or they are available on demand at the Instant Download store.

8. Other – Ah, the infamous ‘other’ category. I can’t resist. If you want me to teach a class, write a movie script, or record a rap, or do something completely off the wall, I’m certainly open to it if the message fits my jams. If not, it’s all good – but if my life has taught me anything in 2017, it is to be a little more open to new ideas. So, dear Universe, here’s your odd ball category for your consideration. Shoot me an email with your off the wall idea.

Regardless of my own fate in 2018, I hope that your 2018 is great. Consider writing down a list of favorite ways you like to work, then share – because you never know who could be listening, and dying to work with you. My list above is not all inclusive, but I like that it is/are starting points.

What are yours?

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