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Answers from the Unicorn Helpdesk – 2/18/18

unicornMore questions – with more answers this week. Here we go!

Q: How do you transition to a full-time writing job?

A: You don’t really, overnight. Being a full-time writer does not necessarily translate into full-time pay.* I’ve been writing for decades now, and I’m still not making a huge income from writing. Now, JK Rowling and EL James do – but they are the exceptions. You can see yesterday’s post on fallacies on book publishing. The exceptions may lie in grant writing and medical writing – but other than that, you’d be best to consider writing a side hustle, then grow it over time.

Q: How do you find great podcast guests?

Keep your mind, eyes open and ears open. Seriously – there’s so much going on in the world that if you keep up with everything going on in your field, you’ll never run out of interesting topics and speakers. My problem isn’t finding speakers and topics, it’s time. Podcasts upcoming: include part 2 of our design thinking in pharmacy episode with a design thinker, more on our brand new Digital Communication, Leadership & Entrepreneurship APPE rotation with the Pharmacy Podcast, and so much more.

How do you transition out of a day job after 30 years at one company into retirement?

Of all the unicorn help desk questions of late, I find this one the most interesting. With 10,000 baby boomers now retiring every day, and several very lucky Gen Xers, coupled with us all living longer, this is a great question. I’m interested to hear what you think on this one – tweet your ideas to me @ErinLAlbert over at Twitter with the hashtag #RetireRight.

What is the hottest trend in social media?

Live video streaming. I’m just trying to figure out if the reach is better at Facebook Live, or Youtube right now. (Although, once recorded, Facebook alleges that video is indexed on Google.)

What’s your favorite new app?

I’m trying to figure out Radish.

What’s the biggest thing you accomplished this week?

Thanks for asking! I finished my next book, Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later. It’s a year overdue, honestly. But, a part of me thinks it was delayed for a reason. What reason? I’m not quite sure just yet. But, I’m moving forward with the launch. So, if you know anyone who wants to talk more about women entrepreneurs, and why single women entrepreneurs start more businesses, I’d welcome the chat.

*Full-time pay is a relative and subjective amount, of course. I’ve only made 5-figures with my writing career thus far per year.

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