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Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 2.57.01 PMMy new book is in the house! Right now, it’s available at Amazon Kindle and the hardcopies are available only at my store. And the books are NOW AVAILABLE!

Here’s the official press release.

There’s a podcast below too!

Here are some FAQs I’ve already received on this book:

1. Why did you write this book?

This one has been a long time coming, and candidly a year overdue, but, Single Women Entrepreneurs: 5 Years Later is my follow up with women from the first book, Single. Women. Entrepreneurs., where I go back to the original women in the first two editions of the book, and ask them follow up questions, like – “Is your business still operating?”, “Did it change?”, “How did you change?”, “Has your advice on being a woman entrepreneur changed?” I also had a new woman in the book, Mona Das, as I wanted to show that women are also still out here starting businesses and running their own show. Although, it’s very, very hard to do really well and ‘successfully’, although everyone has a different definition of success.



2. What did you learn while writing this book?

That again, running a business is hard. Even women who were seemingly successful in the first books–women who were winning awards, held at high regard in their communities, doing really cool things–still had to close their doors in some cases, because they ran out of capital. Or they became burned out. On the other hand, some women just figured out how to make it work, despite major life changes. There’s no one way to do things, and by showing different approaches throughout this book by talking to women all over the US, I thought it was important to show both ends of the spectrum – the good and not so good, because that is REAL. Being an entrepreneur is not all glamorous–despite what Instagram and Facebook portray.

3. Why should someone else read this book? 

I think everyone should read this in order to understand the REALITY of starting a business. It’s not easy. I think it’s also really important for everyone to read this book because there are unique challenges to women who start businesses – like gross underfunding. Bootstrapping is an uphill battle that many if not all women face in this book. The more we talk about the challenges, the easier we can try to find solutions.

4. Who is in the book?

You can find a list of the women and their businesses at the press release, here.  And here, I need to thank all of the women who dared to appear in this book. Talking about starting a business is one thing. Talking about maintaining a business and the challenges with it is something else completely different, and it takes courage. So, shout out to all the women in the book who dared to share. I was really surprised by the amount of change that happened in many of the gals’ lives over just 5 years, which is a tiny span of time. That may speak to the fact that our economy is changing rapidly–and that’s another item I worry that colleges aren’t sharing enough with their students. The way that we work in the US is changing; 9-5 40 hour work week jobs are going the way of the dodo. So, how can we share with the next generations how to change, adapt and thrive in this new economy?

5. When will the book officially launch?

As soon as I have the ship date on my physical book. Which should be soon! (I always try to give you, the fab 14 a heads up in advance.)

6. What do you hope to get out of this experience with this new book?

If one woman gets inspired to start a business by reading this book, it will have achieved an amazing endpoint. If another woman who started a business on the fence to close decides to forge ahead with her business, or even close it based upon the wisdom in this book, great.  You can be what you can see, and I don’t see enough women in the literature sharing their business ideas and businesses with the world.

Thanks, as always, for your support. Every book is a journey, and every book an opportunity to make the universe just a little better place.

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