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5 More Resources on Writing and Publishing

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 10.29.37 AMAh, yes, writing and publishing–not a week goes by without someone asking me about this topic. And, next week my brand new book will be here (and just out on Kindle) – so I thought it was time to revisit this topic again, but with someone who does more coaching around it than me of late. So, below I’m going to share with you some new and older resources around writing and publishing and why it is so important to do this as a professional. Ready?

  • NEW: I chat this week with author and publishing coach of Self-Publishing School, Marcy Pusey about the differences between writing and publishing children’s books vs. adult titles, and why writing and publishing is key to being a successful healthcare and wellness professional. It’s on Pharming Your Career, part of the Pharmacy Podcast Network. (And no, this does not just apply to pharmacists or healthcare professionals – it applies to ALL pros!)
  • PAST: Blog posts on writing and publishing.
  • OTHER PODCASTS: In the past, I did a two part series with one of my own writing and publishing mentors, Dr. Elaine Voci. Here’s part one. If you want to hear part two, it’s over in my course, 57 Cool Jobs for Pharmacists (which, by the way, has become my most popular course of all 4 thus far – thank you for your support!)
  • SELF-PUBLISHING SCHOOL: Want to know more about the course Marcy is a coach in and that I took personally this spring? Then check out more on SPS, here.
  • BONUS 5th: Part 2 of Dr. Voci’s podcast – just because I dig those who travel over to my blog.

Whether you’re writing your first book, or 13th in my case – there’s always room to learn more about writing and publishing. My sincere thanks to SPS and Marcy for this opportunity to share more about something that I love to do!

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