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5 Alternative Work Weeks

Sunday, September 4th, 2016

ClockI learned one big idea personally from the #5RoadsOutofRetail miniseries I co-hosted for the Pharmacy Podcast, and I thought Labor Day weekend was the best time to share it, which is this:

all of us aren’t working 9-5, M-F, 40 hour work weeks anymore.  Yay!

I like this idea a lot, because the 40-hour work week has been something that has been bugging me a long time.  It seems so…arbitrary.  And I roll my eyes every time anyone says they are working insane hours for other employers, rather than creating at least something of their own part time on the side (putting all your employment eggs in 1 basket as ONE stream if income is super dangerous these days.)  Yes, whomever you are working for at the time you should be giving your all to – but that should also include some time for YOU to build your own thing each week too!

BTW, thanks to Henry Ford for the 40-hour work week (and I say that somewhat crassly.  But in his defense, he got it down from a 48-hour work week.)

And what if you can get your work done in LESS than 40 hours? Why are we obsessed with time-based work rather than results-oriented work?  Where is the reward for getting your work done efficiently and ahead of time?

So, I wanted to explore this a little more in a post, since I’ve been seeing and hearing it more lately. Here are a few places I clocked it around the ‘net:

1. Of course, Tim Ferris has the age-old classic, The 4-Hour Work Week.

2. Amazon is going to a 30-hour work week.  Although it’s at 75% salary, it appears they are keeping full benefits.

3. Redesign your work day to start at 5 am – not sure I could rock this, but it’s another option!

4. Pitching…and Getting the 32-Hour work week (this, BTW, is the work week I’m on currently….and I love it!)  And, here’s a school system that’s experimenting (out of necessity), on a 4-day school week.

5. The most productive formula? A 3-day, 25-hour work week.  (But I’m not sure that one will cut it in the US for benefits…)