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55 Cool Jobs for Pharmacists

Saturday, September 12th, 2015

MPI don’t know why I didn’t write this post earlier, but better late than never.  After seeing this post today over at Pharmacy Times, I thought it was time.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is about “What can I do in pharmacy?” as a prof.  As someone who has had a lot of different gigs in pharmacy (or, should I say with a couple of pharmacy degrees), there’s a LOT more out there than community practice (retail) and hospital pharmacy. (NOT that there’s anything wrong with either!)  Below, I’m going to lay out jobs that I personally know pharmacists have done or are doing.


1. Wellness program director – employer
2. Wellness program writer
3. MTM counselor/consultant
4. LTC consultant pharmacist
5. Closed door pharmacy pharmacist
6. New drug namer
7. Run a pharmacy association – state or disease-specific
8. Run a pharmacy association – national or international
9. Run a state board of pharmacy
10. Health outcomes pharmacist
11. Drug information pharmacist – at a drug info portal (like Medispan or FDB)
12. Drug info internal at drug company
13. Field based MSL
14. DEA toxicologist
15. Regulatory affairs
16. Health outcomes liaison
17. Clinical Research Operations
18. Pharmacovigilance
19. Clinical Trial manager/designer
20. Publication planning at pharma co/biotech/device co
21. Manage clinical trial operational budgets and/or contracts
22. Clinical Trial Materials Manager
23. FDA – review new drugs
24. FDA – review generics
25. Pharma brand management
26. Government affairs for healthcare or pharmacy
27. Serve in public office
28. Academic pharmacy – teach
29. Academic pharmacy – administration
30. Consultant at big consulting firm
31. Auditing – PBMs
32. Inspecting – pharmacists – at Boards of pharmacy
33. Managing a drug formulary
34. Heading Medicaid or health and human services for a state
35. Working at CMS
36. Publishing drug information
37. Medical writer
38. Book publisher
39. Recon/info for hedge funds or Wall Street firms
40. Academia – administration at a University (not the same thing as a college of pharmacy)
41. M&M candy coater – quality assurance
42. Compounding pharmacist
43. Teacher of techs
44. Test question writer
45. Compliance manager (regulatory – drug companies)
46. Inventor (Dr. Pepper, flavors for liquid drugs, etc.)
47. Drug pricing specialist
48. Veterinarian Pharmacy
49. Wellness coach
50. Editor
51. Working at NIH
52. HIT pharmacist
53. Bioinformatics
54. Epidemiologist/public health
55. Transitions of care/home health pharmacist

There. I probably could come up with 50+ more, but what would be the fun of that?  Every pharmacist must find her own path. After all, that’s part of the fun!