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A Week

Friday, November 20th, 2015

You know you’ve had a week when….you get home at the end of a long one, you have dinner, then sit down only to wake up when it’s time to go to bed…

Either I’m getting old, or I had a week.  I’m going to chalk it up to more of the latter than the former.

Really cool hi-lights, however this week included the following:

ASPL’s fall meeting – Left Miami Sunday to head home from the American Society for Pharmacy Law this weekend to kick off the week.  I’m really looking forward to being part of the board and helping this organization grow over the next 2 years, as this org has stuff I cannot get anywhere else on the planet, like pharmacy law education materials and the new case law compendia for members.

#SMDames15 – This 4th in a series over the several past few years now gave more women some ideas how to spread their messages around through social media.  #BigWin was the hashtag theme this year, and I’m glad to see the program alive and well without me as involved these days. Big shout out to Amy Stark and Digital Dames for keeping the fires burning at Dames.

Pharmacy Times dropped an article I wrote about…change in pharmacy.  It also framed change around what I learned at altMBA this summer.

Phi Lambda Sigma induction – This is pharmacy’s leadership fraternity.  It was fun to watch all the current earlier leaders in the profession be inducted as well.  I probably would not have qualified for this group when I was in their shoes, but nonetheless, it’s never too late to be a leader inside your profession, whatever that profession is – I think from the state of the universe these days, we need more leaders now than at any point in history.

Started putting together a mastermind for 2016 – A mastermind was something I tried way back in 2004 or 5 (it’s been a while), but I wanted to try it again thanks to the Biz Chix Podcast having a series on Masterminds.  If I want to take things to the next level, I’m going to need some peeps in my life to check me from time to time.

#STEMPrincess3 – Yup – STEM Princess 2 isn’t even delivered yet and we are already cranking on book 3!  But I think this one will be fun, and the genre of the book is on fire right now.  I know, I’m vague blogging here, but I should have more later one, after I’ve sold out STEMP2…hahaha!

Student projects at Butler are humming along – had the opportunity to review one of the Midyear posters accepted on BU Well and writing at pharmacy schools (good luck!), and the two children’s books on type I diabetes Ralphie the Giraffe and the Antibiotic Stewardship book (Andi, Chase and the Mysterious Case) are nearing manuscript delivery time. We also got a new homestudy CE program up on immunizations this week for pharmacists – as we are trying to reach a broader preceptor audience.

OK. Now that I really think about it, I see why I came home and crashed.

Here’s looking forward to a shorter holiday week NEXT week!

Rocktober Wrap Up

Friday, November 6th, 2015

Yesterday was love a red head day.  Today is love a lawyer day.  So, thanks for the double love if you’ve visited my tiny corner of the world!

It’s been crazy around here of late, and my posts have suffered for it.  But I am working out here…really!  Here’s a few things still sort of in beta, but since all of the fab 13 are cool enough to keep it on the D/L, I thought I’d share…

1. Interview with Abdul-Hakim Shabazz on drug crisis in the US and Indiana – This is a huge problem.  Sixty minutes also had a featured story last weekend on the heroin problem in our neighbor next door, Ohio.  Here are my show notes on Indiana.  Abdul stated he was going to put the interview in a couple of places soon.

If any of politicos are reading this blog, I think we need to get naloxone OTC in the 2016 legislative session in Indiana for this problem.  We also need to get more needle exchange programs up and running.  And, I think we need to stay as far away as possible from legalizing marijuana right now, because so many people state that it is the gateway to heavier drug abuse.  (I know that won’t be popular with the tax revenue generating types, but tough.)

Last but certainly not least here, my pharmacist friends are getting robbed. A lot. We are #1 in the country for pharmacy robberies  now.  Indiana pharmacists are under the gun–literally.  We need to consider stricter and longer penalties for juveniles who choose to rob pharmacists.

(BTW – if you are a pharmacist, please take 5 minutes to complete the annual Continuing Education (CE) needs assessment – it helps us figure out what programming and education we need to put together for 2016 for pharmacists.  Link is here.)

2. Global health – In one of the classes I teach, students are giving global health system presentations on several different countries around the world.  The last day is Monday.  What is so striking about this is that every country brought up thus far has had significantly lower costs, and better care (through metrics like infant mortality and life expectancy) than the U.S. It’s time to really start looking to see how other companies do healthcare.  Our system is a mess.

3. Vook reports – In the entrepreneurship in healthcare elective this week, students had to turn in 3-minute vook reports, or video book reports on one business book they read during the semester.  Then they had to comment on each other’s videos.  Great books like Lean In, Jab Jab Jab Right Hook, the 4 Hour Work Week, and Zero to One were all discussed.  After taking altMBA this summer and having this video assignment, I wanted to try it in class.  The students made it look a lot easier than it actually was to create videos!  Awesome!  Also, put up a social entrepreneurship lecture for ethics class at Butler this week too.  Last in this realm, I created my first ever business plan canvas on an idea I’m helping out Butler on…stay tuned on what that exactly is – but try the one page canvas if you have a business idea – it’s a good place to start.

4. SQL – I’m trying to learn mySQL for work.  For those of you not like Dakota and into big data, it’s relational-based data software. Think Excel on steroids, or Excel with the ability to pull multiple datasets from multiple Excel spreadsheets in queries.  Anyway, after a 2.5 hour training session today online at Coursera, my brain is a little fried.

5. Continuing Education – We almost have a new homestudy CE up for pharmacists – it’s undergoing a final review now – but here it is on immunizations.  Thanks to our speaker, Carrie Jung, for experimenting with us at the day job on this…  And our annual needs assessment is up – if you’re a pharmacist and could take 5 minutes to fill it out – I’d REALLY appreciate it!

6. ASPL – I’m speaking in Miami next week about BU Well at the American Society for Pharmacy Law annual meeting.  Super pumped, because the pharmacy law educators for the most part are pharmacists and attorneys – so they easily get the idea of law review.  Presented BU Well at the IUPUI Assessment Conference too – that went pretty well–although, I still don’t really yet know how to assess an “awesome” infographic vs. an “OK” one….

7. STEMPrincess2 – of course is coming – but surprise emails have popped into the inbox for last minute details…  And there’s the two teams of children’s books cooking at Butler – Ralphie and his insulin pump adventure, of course, and Andi, Chase and the Mysterious Case

8. Class where I’m the student – On top of ASPL in Miami next week, I’m also attending a one-day course on Presenting Data and Information, which looks like it will teach us design strategies for conveying information.  Maybe I’ll get some infographic ideas here.  Oh, yeah, and #SMDames15 is coming up on Friday, November 20th!

9. Cleaned up the 2015/16 Pharmacy Meetings Calendar and the Certifications Grid.  Super pumped about some of the meetings next year!!!

10. Other – working on some big stuff for 2016 this week too.  Stuff, unfortunately that I can’t talk about just quite yet.  But hopefully, soon…what I hope to accomplish here in 2016 is to reach a bigger audience, particularly in healthcare.  We shall see how this pans out…

So, what have you been up to?  Maybe soon we can catch up and discuss.  I’ll bring the redheaded lawyer along…

5 Cool Items for Your Consideration

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Yes, yes yes.  I know I should be working on #STEMPrincess2 right now…but I granted myself a work hiatus today, since I spoke about the #STEMPrincess project at #NACW15 instead.

I wanted to throw down a few cool things I or my friends are putting out there for you, my fab 13 fans, in hopes that you’ll take the ball and run with it.

Here goes…

1. What I learned at altMBA – 8.8.15 – Indy – Studio B.  Come and hear what I learned cover-to-cover at this event from Seth Godin’s course at #altMBAIndy.  If you REALLY want to go big, you can apply for altMBA2, which is starting at the end of August.

2. The STEM Princess Teaching Contest - So, one of my friends on instagram posted her first grade classroom stripped down today as she prepares for another year of teaching.  That inspired me to think of some way to share cool STEM education ideas and give back.  So, you can hurry over to Periscope and watch my really terribly shot post on the contest for ideas, or better yet, go like the STEM Princess Facebook page, like it, and then plant your awesome STEM teaching idea on the page.  The best teaching in STEM idea will get the book prize pack on the page.  Contest ends next week.  And I really don’t care if you’re a kindergarten teacher, or a professor teaching PhD candidates–I just want everyone to share their best teaching stuff in and around STEM.

3. And while we’re on the subject – Periscope.  Live streaming video is something for the LIFE of me I’m trying to figure out.  And yet, I’m reminded of my grandmother’s terrible picture taking habits when I jiggle the camera around.  Sloppy video aside, I think live streaming video is the NEXT thing in social media.  So, if you’re trying to figure it out too, meet up with me over at that channel on your smart phone.  You should be able to just type in “erinalbert” and find me…and my jiggly camera.

4. SMDames15 – Speaking of social media (see how this post is just one big loop?) Shout out to Amy Stark and Digital Dames for putting together the next and upcoming #SMDames15!  I’m lobbying hard for experts in Periscope, Meerkat, Slack, Plag, and Zoom to share how they use these amazing new tools.  Registration I’ve been told will be up soon.  So if you’re trying to figure out all this new fancy social media whiz bang gadgetry, or don’t have the time to research it yourself but need a fast download, you should mark your calendars now for November 20th at Oak Hill Mansion.  It’s always a good time and a great crew of women in the house.

5. Travel – The Erin Albert roadshow is heading to DC, Boston, Miami and Ireland this fall!  For what? Stay tuned…!

More on the Indy 8.8.15 altMBA Workshop

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 7.31.10 PMSsshhh…I posted this at a couple of random places today, but that’s it thus far. (Besides, Jared was stealing everyone’s thunder today!  Dogs that can sniff out hard drives?!? Really?!? I digress.) Figured I needed to share my stuff with the fab 13 here…

…the registration link is up for the 8/8/15 altMBA Indy workshop. I’m going to share what I learned from Seth Godin and his coaches while being part of the inaugural class of altMBA this summer.  More from Seth himself at this Slate podcast. It will be at Studio B, right off Mass Ave in from 9am – noon.  There are a few very special, very limited early bird tickets for sale on a first come, first served basis.  Once they are gone, the price goes up.

An important note: all the proceeds for this event are going straight back into Studio B, so they can continue to support the entrepreneurial and creative class here in Indy.  I’m not making a penny off of this. So, you can come out and get some edutainment, and then support a great cause and our entrepreneurial ecosystem all. In. One. Here!  #WINWINWIN

The early bird really does get the worm…

On Making (Bad) Decisions

Monday, June 15th, 2015

So, Project 1 at altMBA this week is about – how to make better decisions.  I won’t go into the details on the assignment, since that’s Seth’s and Winne’s/the class’s stuff to work through.  Instead, I’ll talk about, for a moment, the behaviors I exhibited when I made BAD decisions in the past.  Ready?

When I made bad decisions in the past, I…

1. Ignored my gut.  Come on…you know when something is hinky. Don’t ignore that hinky feeling.  I did in the past, and I paid for it. Big time.  I know the research tends to say that if we fully trust our guts, we make worse decisions.  But with me, I know the opposite is true.  Of course, I have to take the facts in and list them out–but in the end, I don’t discount my gut anymore.

On the other hand…

2. Let resistance take over.  In the book, The War of Art, the author describes resistance as a stop for creation.  I procrastinate.  I ignore. Right now, I’m actually procrastinating from two larger writing projects I (must) work on by writing this very post.  Don’t let resistance take over.  If you get in this trap, break down bigger goals into baby goals for each week, each day, each hour if you need to in order to get stuff done.  And while I think I’m pretty good at shipping and honoring my commitments, even I have trouble sometimes with resistance.

3. Let others control the outcome.  Said opposite – the more you can control the outcome, the better the choice of decision moving forward.  If you put the choice in someone else’s hands, you’re at their mercy.  I don’t want to go down the cynical path and say that humans, if given the opportunity will always disappoint you, or say that everything happens for a reason (the grand excuse people give when they make choices that didn’t turn out the way they wanted)…avoid this altogether by making decisions where you have more control over the outcome than others.

For example, I choose to participate in projects where I don’t need to seek others’ permission to pursue them anymore.  If I have to ask permission of another to make something happen, I try not to go there.  It better be really, really really awesome.  Otherwise, my time and energy is better spent on projects and decisions where I’m driving the bus.

There.  So, I trust my gut, make baby goals to overcome resistance, and choose paths where I can control the outcome in my better decisions moving forward.  Everyone has their own process by which to go through–and of course, being the imperfect human I am, learn more from the bad ways of going about decision making rather than the better.

I thought I’d share my ‘better’ with you on this Monday!

The Next Level: #altMBA

Thursday, May 21st, 2015

For some strange reason a week or so ago, I stopped by a blog that I don’t often go to regularly: Seth Godin’s.  For those of you who don’t know Seth (I’ve never met him, but always admired his work around book publishing and marketing, and reference him frequently inside and outside the classroom), he’s a big non-fiction business writer.  Epic level. Defcon 1 level.  His Icarus Deception crowdfunding campaign inspired me to try crowdfunding for the #STEMPrincess series.

Anyway, the day I went to his blog, he had this posting, on his new experiment, #altMBA. And, even though I have a MBA and the fortune of other formal education, I got the sense that this course didn’t have much to do with traditional education.  (Fine by me!)  Of course, getting that hinky, woo woo feeling as I read the post, I immediately applied to the program–thinking of course I didn’t have a shot in Hades competing with others from around the world–but I was going to play with the universe and apply.

Yesterday, during a flurry of slides at work (oh, and I found out BTW Google has group slides now – yay!), I received the golden ticket email that I was in for the inaugural class of 100 starting in mid-June. DOUBLE YAY! Made. My. Day.  And yes, even though my summer is already busy with meetings, papers and talks, I’m going to make room for this opportunity, as it may be a once in a lifetime thing.  A new neighborhood and subdivision, with 1,000 new doors and windows to be opened and explored.

Everyone has been asking post bar exam and law school what’s “magically next” for me, and I’m hopeful that this program might give me a few more clues on what “the next level” might be for e.  Stay tuned–I’ll keep you posted.

Fingers crossed!