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#STEMPrincess Project in Drug Topics & All Great Things Must Come to An End

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

DakotaFirst off, thanks to Drug Topics magazine for giving me a shot to explain why we pushed the universe on the #STEMPrincess project over here in October.  I think in pharmacy we tend to forget that girls aren’t in STEM, because we have so many women in pharmacy. However, that is definitely NOT the case in other areas of STEM.

Second, while we met and exceeded our Kickstarter goal (Yay! and thanks again to our fantastical backers), someone asked me yesterday how they could just buy a copy of The Amazing Adventures of the Princesses from Planet STEM.  Great question!

The book isn’t fully written yet.  Second, it is also being illustrated, which takes time to get right.  Thus, the book in hardcopy won’t be available until the end of 1Q14, which means some waiting time.  I also need to emphasize here that I’m still not sure if I will “sell” the hardcopy book at traditional online outlets like Amazon and B&N.  That’s an entire book in itself as to why, which I won’t go into this second.  But, let me instead state that: the surest way to get a hard copy of this book FIRST for a girl in your life is to BACK THE PROJECT NOW BEFORE IT ENDS.

Why?  Because my book is going to the backers FIRST.  Then, I’ll distribute the copies to the library system.  I at this point will not guarantee there will be other hard copies available for sale – there will be eBook copies – but I’m still not sure about hard copies.

So, even though we’ve met our goal – did we meet our goal for YOUR little girl?  Did you ensure she has her copy first ready to go before the rest of the universe?  If you haven’t backed the project, she may lose out.  While there’s always the library option for her, I want to make sure as many girls who want this book have it in their hands as soon as possible.

Today, I’ll be working on the final update on the project, which is the beginning of the end for Kickstarter’s program, but the end of the beginning for the book itself.  While I’m a little sad it is ending, I am so glad you all went on this journey with me, and while it was a ton of work, I’m glad we made it!  Thanks to y-o-u!