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Bring On The Haters

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

So, I’m back from my mini-working-vacation from Paris and Brussels.  It was fun, thanks for asking – and I really did need a couple days out of the country.  Photos are here if you want to take a gander.

While away, I returned to find some comments about the Huffington Post piece on Plan C.  One of them I found most interesting.  Here it is, verbatim:

“Hmmm, writer, blogger, academic… basically someone who has never worked for a living proposes to advise us on how best to survive the situation her social class created in the first place.”

Uhm, ok, where to start with this one.

Let me address the aforementioned hater’s quote.  He clearly didn’t read Plan C, because I talk in the book about my own career situation.  Dude–wherever you are, we’ve not met.  Hi.  My name is Erin Albert, and I’ve had a job ever since I was…seriously – I can’t even remember when.  I’ve ALWAYS had at least one job, if not more than one.  Right now?  I’ve got about 4-5.  I’ve lost track of how many.  I work my butt off for what I’ve earned thus far.  And, I’ve also been laid off in my past.  Nothing like a pink slip to motivate one to have multiple careers.

Lastly, I’m a first generation college graduate, so I didn’t come from a long line of blue-blooded aristocrats, so I’m not sure which social class you’re referring to, but I came from a hard working middle class mentality, and honestly?  I’m still not where I want to be in terms of my career.  But I’m working to get there. Each and every day.

To most importantly my awesome friends out there, as I’ve previously mentioned in several off-line conversations…I’ll use this hater’s comments to make an excellent point, which is this: there are usually going to be haters. Furthermore, the more successful and hard-working you become, the more the haters come out to play.  I say – bring on the haters.  Why?  Because that means you’re just that much closer to success.

Now, in my effort to get back on eastern time, I’m going back to work after my very richly deserved 4 day semi-working vacation, which I almost never take. I’ve got about 1,000 emails to get through before work work tomorrow.  Yeah, one of those 4-5 jobs.  One of those jobs where I work…and no, not in any kind of ivory tower.

Rant over.

Love the haters, friends!