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Some SWEet Reviews: Single. Women. Entrepreneurs.

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

Big time reviews out this week and recently on the new book!  Thanks to:

Dan Pink – his blog has a good review of 14 points of advice from our SWEs.

Adriana Gardella – reporter/blogger at the NY Times – her review of several new books on entrepreneurship!

And the classic from Jeff Cornwall - blogger/professor at the Entrepreneurial Mind.

Congrats to the women and their businesses in the book!

The Icepocalypse: Not Freezing Out the Single Women Entrepreneurs

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Life goes on – even during this icepocalypse we are having here in the Midwest.  Since I lucked out and don’t have to go out in it – for work or school today, I thought I’d take a cozy moment to share with you how you can get involved in the next book launch for Single. Women. Entrepreneurs.!  Here goes:

1.  Facebook – we have a page for the launch party and for the book itself. You can track what we are up to at these pages if you like.

2.  Twitter - yup, we’ve even created a list you can follow: @yuspie/singlewomenentrepreneurs, to track the women in the book and their own business/twitter feeds.  You’ll find these women to be working on fun, exciting things!

3.  LinkedIn – yes, we even have a group on linked in for single women entrepreneurs.  Just go to, click “groups” on the drop down menu, and type in single women entrepreneurs.  We’re there!

4.  Last but not least, I would ask that you please consider doing business with these women and their businesses.  The things I discovered with this group of women were good, but also very different from the “traditional” forms of business.  The future of business is changing right in front of our eyes, and these women are a beacon of it.  Please support them if you can, because they’re the future!