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3Q17: What’s Coming Up?

Friday, June 30th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 10.06.41 PMI cannot believe I’m about to write down what I need to get done in 3Q of 2017. I still think sometimes I’m stuck back in 2011 or 2012 somewhere.

Anyway, here’s my list for this quarter. Inspirational color palette to set the tone – check. Kind of a melon-y, sunflowery tone, methinks.


3Q17: Let’s Roll!


1. SWE 3 – or bust. Now that I am submitting a SXSW18 Panelpicker on it, I’m motivated to get it done.

2. STEMP4 – really want this to be done in time for the holidaze; let’s see if I can make that happen.


3. HBA Indiana – continues to produce amazing programs and stuff. 3Q17 will be no exception. The big project I’m working on is #HealthCarDev on 9/29 - the first ever Unconference for the chapter. We’re going to have 18 speakers in a 1/2 day session that will rock. It’s all focused on healthcare career development. We’ll also have the inaugural #PurpleSock Awards for healthcare amazingness in Hoosierland at our awards gala in November. Read more about how to nominate your healthcare hero or shero here.

4. ASPL - Threw my name into the hat for a board continuation for the next 2 years…more on this coming soon for my pharmacy law geekery.

Talks & Events:

7/26/17 – Networking with HBA IN and Women & Hi Tech – Indy
7/28/17 – Women’s Entrepreneur panel – Cardinal RBC – San Antonio
8/1/17 – #SMDames17 – Indy – talking podcasting.
9/14/17 – Indy Big Data – Indy3Q2
9/29/17 – #HealthCarDev – HBA IN – Indy – we’ll also have a super cool countdown campaign to this that will occupy some time in July & Aug. Dig.

Life Changer:

Trip to Scotland.

I think that covers the highlights, and the highlands…

And here’s an audio version of some of this magic: