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Be The Mirror

Monday, February 6th, 2012

Nothing thrills me more than when my homies bring back crazy stuff I say, preach, or just flat out love, and today was the perfect example of that.

One of my friends, Jeff, posted a photo of a sign on my Facebook page that said the following:  “If you are waiting for a sign from the UNIVERSE, This is it! Now go big.”  LOVE IT!  Another friend from high school, Karen, apparently remembered that I’m a huge fan of the Shamrock Shake, and reminded me that today, the magical shakes were back at McD’s!  So, guess where I headed between law school and home tonight?  Yup! DETOUR to the land of awesome green shakes! YUM!

Other friends invited me to radio (tomorrow night – Coach Caroline – 5 pm eastern, in case you want to listen in–to rap about Plan C), and even another friend posted about Downton Abbey (another show I’m a total sucker for – LOVE MATTHEW!)

I digress.

Last but not least, there’s been quite a brewhaha about Facebook having an all-male board with their IPO just out.  But one of my friends made a good point: he said, “Hey – why don’t you get on their board and change it?”  I thought that was an excellent piece of advice, so I sent Mr. Zuckerberg a letter expressing my concern over his lack of equality on his board, along with a copy of my board bio and my CV for his consideration this morning.  Why not be the change?  I’m ALWAYS giving this advice, but it was great to see it reflected back to me!

What’s my point on this post?  Well, my dear friends of the universe, sometimes it’s just cool to know that other people have your back from time to time–they can also get you to expand your mind.  Furthermore, it’s fab to see that in some tiny way, the difference one makes in the universe from time to time sometimes reflects back in surprising and fun ways.  So all my messages reflected back in a super cool way today–on a Monday of all days–after the Super Bowl of all days–and it was such a lovely and pleasant surprise!

I hope you have a reflective day coming up too.  They are fun, and every once in awhile, it’s great to know that one can make a little bit of positive difference in the world.  You, too, can be the mirror.