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How I Luckily Found…The Diva Toolbox!

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

I’m a fan of LinkedIn.  I’m too old for Facebook and Myspace, I don’t quite get Plaxo, and I’m too cheap to join the networking sites that make me actually pay to be part of them.  (I’m on some others out there too, but these for me are the big 4).  So, this weekend, when I SHOULD have been studying or doing work, I instead digressed and was surfing around groups on LinkedIn and found…The Diva Toolbox.  The name of the organization was just too awesome to pass up, so I contacted the founder and asked about it.  Then, we connected, and she offered me a freelance writing gig on Diva Toolbox…on networking.

I’m not a networking expert, but I know who is…and that is Hazel Walker.  So, I decided to email Hazel and ask if I could interview her for a piece on Diva Toolbox.  Here is the result. All I can say is: I HEART online networking, because not only did I luck out and find a cool site to check out, but met the gal behind the awesome site, and had the chance to connect my expert networking friend to her.  It’s a win x 3, which is what networking should be ALL about!