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New & Exciting

Friday, February 20th, 2009

One of my high school/college friends used to mock me when I said something was “new & exciting” in my chipper tone, but it was always in good fun.  But tonight, I finally had a chance to leave one library (the law library) and head to the OTHER library (where I can get fun stuff, the public library) and picked up my on reservation copy of Friendly Fires, which is a newer album I love, love, love!

Then I became perplexed.  I could not for the life of me remember how I even found this album to put it on reserve at the library in the first place!  The way I find music now (randomly and usually via the internet) is totally and radically different from how I used to discover it.  Anyone growing up in the 80s can recall waiting in line to buy an album or cassette on the first day it debuted.  (I recall one specific time in college for a midnight madness run with one of my roommates to get Guns & Roses new album…which dates me, but I digress…)  

My point is: there used to be some kind of giddy excitement around going to the music store, hunting down the perfect rare import copy or the new obscure artist that no one had or no one knew about…but now, I just download music I like from iTunes.  No real hunting anymore.  And that is kind of sad.  I loved going to the music store–checking out the used section, the new bands, listening to the new album of the week playing in the store, etc.  I miss the thrill of the hunt.  I guess now when I do find that new off the wall track or album, I am excited, but just not as much as I used to be.  The silver lining in all this is now we have more options than ever to find that perfect tune, which in turn will feed our soul and mark another point in time or phase in our lives.  

Tracks, (my college music store), however, will always live on in my head!